If you don’t own your own equipment when you go skiing in Michigan, you’re going to need to rent equipment. However, before you pay resort counter prices; there are some things you should know about how to save money on your rental equipment. The less money you spend on Michigan ski rentals is more you can spend elsewhere.

Save Money on Michigan Ski Rentals

First and foremost, if at all possible, do your comparison shopping and buy your tickets well in advance. Waiting until you’re at the counter to get your gear guarantees that you will pay the highest price possible. Let us help you with your rentals. We typically find discounts of up to 20 percent on your gear. Additionally, by booking in advance, you save not only money, but time as well. With a reservation that includes some basic sizing, you can swing by, grab your gear, and hit the slopes.

Keep in mind that if you head to the resort to rent your skis, you’re going to spend the maximum rate in the area. You’re not just paying the resort premium, you’re also paying for the convenience of the gear being slopeside. If you haven’t reserved your gear, check in town for a ski shop. They will usually rent you gear and save you money. For example, renting a basic adult ski package at Big Powderhorn for a week will cost $252. At nearby Bahnof Sport, that same week with the same package will cost $196.

Resort Equipment vs Store Rental Gear

Is the gear you get in a rental shop inferior to the gear you get at the resort? If a shop is charging less, the gear must not be as good, right? In most cases, not really. Again, the resort is charging more for convenience of renting at the resort. Typically, an average skier isn’t going to be able to tell the difference between a pair of Burton Skis and a pair of Rossignols. Just make sure you have a reliable way to transport the rentals to the slopes.

Keep in mind that if you’re going to be skiing more than ten days in your life, you want to think about buying a helmet. Helmet rentals cost $10 per day on average, while a new helmet will only cost about $80 to $100. If you have questions about when and how to buy ski gear that fits with your personal habits, don’t hesitate to write to us. There isn’t always a clear-cut answer, but we can help you avoid making major mistakes.

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